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April 13th:The Late Night with Seth Meyers
Apr 15, 2016
Gallery Update / Interviews / Screencaps

I’ve added stills/screencaps of Maisie on “The Late Night with Seth Meyers” enjoy viewing them! Screencaps > 2016 > Maisie Williams Talks Game of Thrones Season 6Public Appearances&Events > 2016 > April 13th:The Late Night with Seth Meyers

Will Ashildr be back?
Oct 20, 2015
Doctor Who / Interviews / Videos

BBC Doctor Who released a video of Maisie talking about her character “Ashildr” and will she be coming back to Doctor Who,I’ve also added screencaps of her interview which you can view in the gallery!

Maisie attends BBC Radio 1
Oct 16, 2015
Apperances / Interviews

Earlier on today Maisie attended the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show talking about her upcoming project “Doctor Who” You can view the interview below 🙂