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Maisie covers Heroine Magazine October Issue
Oct 18, 2018
Gallery Update / Photoshoots

This month Maisie covered Heroine Magazine photographed by Itai Doron, looking stunning as always. I have added the images of her photoshoot to our gallery, enjoy viewing. Photoshoots & Portraits > 2018 > Session #8-Heroine Magazine

Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams: ‘I’m still petrified of my peers’
Oct 17, 2018
2020-The Owners / Gallery Update / Game Of Thrones / Interviews / Photoshoots / Press

The Guardian-Her role as Arya Stark won her millions of fans but left her bullied at school. Now the 21-year-old is making her stage debut, starring in a Marvel horror – and finally getting her fingernails painted Maisie Williams is wearing big round glasses, leopard-print boots and a baker boy hat, all of which makes

Maisie Williams:Into The Wild
Sep 6, 2018
2020-The New Mutants / Gallery Update / Interviews / Maisie Williams / News & Updates / Photoshoots / Press

ELLE-Maisie Williams is tucking into a plate of avocado toast. ‘I don’t think anyone looks at the younger generation and goes, “I’m so inspired by you guys,”’ she says. The statement is an ironic one, considering how many men and women of all ages want to be more like Arya Stark, the princess-turned-serial-killer-with-a-cause she portrays

The Daisie project Photoshoot
Aug 21, 2018
Daisie App / Gallery Update / Maisie Williams / Photoshoots

I’ve added photos of The Daisie App that Maisie was photographed for shot by Rosie Matheson. Maisie is looking flawless as always, Enjoy viewing them! Photoshoots & Portraits > 2018 > Session #6-The Daisie Project

Maisie for The Telegraph Magazine
Jul 10, 2018
Gallery Update / Interviews / Photoshoots

Maisie has a brand new Photoshoot for The escort mersin Telegraph Magazine. In it she talks about the ending of Game Of Thrones. Enjoy viewing the photoshoot in our gallery. TELEGRAPH MAGAZINE– At 12, she landed the part that would change her life. Seven seasons later, Maisie Williams’s character is one of the most formidable

Photoshoots from 2018
Jun 11, 2018
Gallery Update / Photoshoots

Maisie has had a toroslar escort few Photoshoots in 2018 so far, these photoshoots are ones such as Asos and Instyle Magazine. I have added them to our gallery,enjoy! Galleryupdate: Studio Photoshoots > 2017 > Entertainment Weekly Studio Photoshoots > 2018 > #002 InStyle Magazine