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December 28, 2015 comments off
I have added HD Screencaps of Maisie returning guest role in Doctor Who(sorry for the wait),you can view these by clicking the thumbnails below! Career>Television>Doctor Who(2015)>9x12-Hell Bent [Continue Reading]

November 17, 2015 comments off
I've added HQ episode stills and promostills of Maisie's returning guest role to Doctor Who in the upcoming episode "Face The Raven" you can now view them in our gallery,enjoy! [Continue Reading]

October 26, 2015 comments off
I've added HD Screencaps of Maisie's returning Guest role in the latest Doctor Who episode "The Woman Who Lived" I loved the episode! You can view the HQ caps by clicking the thumbnails below :)   Career>Television>Doctor Who(2015)> 9x06-The Woman... [Continue Reading]

October 24, 2015 comments off
BBC have shared a video of Maisie onto the BBC channel talking about her characters "Me&Ashildr" I personally loved Ashildr more! You can view the video down below by clicking on the thumbnail! [Continue Reading]

October 22, 2015 comments off
BBC have released a snippet of the upcoming episode of Doctor Who "The Woman Who Lived" You can view the video down below or by clicking on the thumbnail. [Continue Reading]

October 20, 2015 comments off
BBC Doctor Who released a video of Maisie talking about her character "Ashildr" and will she be coming back to Doctor Who,I've also added screencaps of her interview which you can view in the gallery! [Continue Reading]