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Two of the most influential twenty-somethings in cinema and fashion take on the role of comic book icons.

Like the characters in The New Mutants , a new superhero film in which they star, Anya Taylor-Joy and Maisie Williams who head their line-up have little to do, at least initially, except for some aspects: they are both considered it girls by coined Recently, they have legions of followers who leave their mark on social networks and they are both aware that “entering a film franchise like this, within the Marvel universe, gives you a great exposure that is always beneficial and that, unlike the series, it is not an annual obligation, but there can be interruptions of two or three years between films, so it is not so regulated, “according to Williams.

“And also, says Taylor – Joy, for me, who has worked a lot in independent films where the most important thing is the character, this is a completely atypical superhero movie. I’ve seen some in which the characters don’t tell me anything. The action is incredible and everything is spectacular, but I don’t really know who those guys are. That is why I was afraid to make a film of this type ”. But, in addition to being the superhero genre’s first foray into the realm of horror, the characters are so well drawn that they seem straight out of real life. They have all had a dark past and are far from perfect. So why not touch on those blemishes since that’s what makes them interesting?

For me, who has worked a lot in independent films where the most important thing is the character, this is a completely atypical superhero movie

Anya Taylor – Joy

What there is no doubt is that they are two of the most influential twenty-somethings in cinema and fashion, who, in addition, are enjoying that sweet moment that means having acquired two comic icons such as the always in conflict Poison Wolf and the teleporter witch Magic.

The first, Poison Wolf, is played by Williams, born in the British Bristol in 1997. Maisie’s is her baby nickname and is taken from a British comic strip. She is one of the most beloved actresses by seriophiles since she took over the difficult role of Arya Stark at the age of 14 in the now legendary Game of Thrones , which has earned her two Emmy nominations, and that, as she tells Often, “I was feisty, rebellious, a bit of a tomboy, quick-thinking. And sometimes she sees everything very black and white. I mean, how am I really ”. Just over five feet tall, full of energy.

Maissie Williams Mutantes Magazine

Maissie Williams, star of ‘The New Mutants’

Maisie Williams as Poison Wolf

Born in Bristol in 1997, at just 14 years old, she won the character of Arya Stark in ‘Game of Thrones’. In the cinema, her performances in ‘The secret of Crickley Hall’, ‘The falling’ or the recent ‘The owners’ in which she receives star treatment on the poster stand out. She has also appeared on television, in the mythical series’ Doctor Who ‘as a guest artist, in family comedies such as’ Gold’, alongside television star James Nesbitt, or lending her voice to characters from the series’ Robot Chicken ‘or’ Gen: Lock ‘. She will soon join the comic series ‘Two weeks to live’.

For eight years viewers were able to see her grow up before their eyes and stop being a girl with determination in her eyes, to become a young and valuable actress who seems to have much more future than past despite her excellent beginnings.

Gone are the bad personal moments that he experienced during his childhood as part of an unstructured family since his father decided not to be part of it and abandoned it, leaving his wife, an administrative profession, in charge of four children. Later, she developed a serious illness that has already been overcome and now she is enjoying the good time of her daughter, as her manager and personal assistant. But so many family problems, together with the popularity of the series, which he accessed after a brief stint at drama school, had serious consequences.

I endured ‘bulling’ for years. I think people were scared of me and although I made some friends at school, I was never popular or the pretty girl

Maisie Williams

“I endured bullying for years. I think people were scared of me and although I made some friends at school, I was never popular, nor was the pretty girl. That’s why I understood the character of Game of Thrones so well . Because, in a way, it was about finding out who your real friends are, and sometimes, realizing that takes a long time ”, he explained.

“And when the series started airing, I remember sitting on the subway next to my mom and navigating between messages, and messages, and more messages. My heart was lurching and I had a lump in my throat, like when you force yourself not to cry. I ended up hating myself for what others said about me on the networks. It was horrible. This also happens to the character Poison Wolf in The New Mutants. She is a teenager whose power is to become a wolf. That can upset you a lot. At those ages, in puberty, we do not have much confidence in ourselves and we are very vulnerable to the gaze of others. You don’t look like you really are. I preferred to create the character from this premise rather than what I read in the comics “

During the time that Game of Thrones  kept Maisie Williams visiting the living room of the houses of half the world, offers rained down to take advantage of the time between season and season and decided to fish in different fishing grounds. From the mandatory for every young actor in horror and mystery films, in titles such as The Secret of Crickley Hall , The Falling  or the recent The Owners  in which he receives star treatment on the poster, to science fiction, since he participated in the Mythical Doctor Who series  as a guest artist, in family comedies like Gold, alongside television star James Nesbitt, or lending his voice to characters from the Robot Chicken series o Gen: Lock . 

I feel like I grew up extremely fast working on ‘Game of Thrones’. I entered a world of adults in a perhaps somewhat abrupt way

Maisie williams

“I feel like I grew up extremely fast working on Game of Thrones, ” he has often commented. “I entered a world of adults in a perhaps somewhat abrupt way. I could take a flight alone but not book a hotel because the regulations did not allow it because of my age. It was as if half I was older and the other half still a girl. But despite all these hassles, I never thought I needed a plan B , even though many of my friends advised me to do so. I understand, but I think if we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how it would be the alternative, we never really pursue our plan A. I can’t help it; I’ve always wanted to be the center of attention ”.

In that, in considering themselves feminists, both are more than in agreement, although also with nuances. “This movie, in my opinion, shows incredibly powerful women, but on opposite ends of the spectrum,” Arya concludes. “My character is a woman of action. She prefers to act and the world has made her very tough. And that is in real life. On the contrary, other female characters are much more empathetic. I interpret that there are many ways of approaching feminine power, from different perspectives, but with the same objective ”.

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