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It was in 2012 when Danny Boyle first captured the mood of the nation with his beautifully uplifting Olympics Opening Ceremony. Fast forward 10 years and he’s done it again, but this time the mood is of the UK right now is ferocious anger.

Pistol is Boyle’s first foray into TV. It’s a six-episode limited series about the founding of the Sex Pistols and their short-lived but historic time as a band.

Based on Sex Pistols’ founding member and guitarist, Steve Jones’ memoir Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol, the show is a cut-and-paste masterclass, mixing archive footage with actors portraying the roles of the Sex Pistols and the contingent that surrounded them.

In the show, The Queen’s Gambit’s Thomas Brodie-Sangster stars as manager and fashion boutique owner Malcolm McLaren.

Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams stars as punk icon Jordan AKA Pamela Rooke, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

They both sat down with ShortList to discuss the new show and what is was like retelling one of the most raucous times in the history of music.

ShortList: What was it about the Pistol series that made you want to star in it?

Maisie WilliamsInitially I was very excited at the prospect of working with Danny Boyle. And then, I learned a lot more about the Pistols and their story which is about the ferocious working class, a story of what working class boys who want to make something of their life do and I think that’s typically the genre that I find myself being quite drawn to.

I knew working on the show would be a dream but then learning more about the women who were so integral to the telling of the story which I didn’t have a huge understanding of prior to this. It was clear that they wanted this time to be told more accurately. And so as a woman coming into a story like this, you never know if your role is going to be really meaningful. But it was. It’s really special because that is the way that history was, but we have a tendency to write it a little bit more skewed.

ShortList: Malcolm McLaren is one of the most recognisable people from the punk period – what was it like playing someone who is so well known, with a voice and look that is iconic?

Thomas Brodie-Sangster: It was really fun and a great challenge, but something I accepted gladly. it was also something where I felt like I wouldn’t normally get this job. I don’t know. It just seems a bit… but it didn’t feel like it was out of my comfort zone at all. I immediately just wanted to find out who this Malcolm McLaren character really was and felt that I connected with him instantly.

He’s got so much nuance to his voice. To the way he holds himself. He’s got power and presence but he’s also such a visionary. He lives in the in this ideal constantly. He’s thinking of the future. He’s a builder, creator.

ShortList: There’s a lovely tribute to Pamela Rooke at the end of the second episode – what was it like having her around consulting on the show. Did it change how you prepared for the role?
Maisie Williams: Absolutely. I mean, we were so lucky to have her and to have her retelling all of these stories that we’ve read a lot about but to have someone who was there from the very beginning.

Her role in the story was just separated enough that she’s managed to observe absolutely every one of these characters and people and formulated an idea and an understanding without it being linked to such pain.

In lots of ways it’s very intimidating to spend time with her. But it shortly became the greatest asset that I could possibly ask for. There was pressure when you’re playing someone real and pressure to do them justice. But, for me, I felt like there was really only one person who I wanted to enjoy my moments and be happy with my performance and that was Jordan.

Although she didn’t get to watch the finished show, I know that she was very happy on the days when she came visit us on set.

ShortList: Danny Boyle seems to have brought a punk ethos to the series – did it feel like that on set?

Thomas Brodie-Sangster: I think that this show really shines because of our incredible supporting artists. The way that they brought all of our scenes to life.

The way that Danny [Boyle] gave so much context and information to the supporting artists, and then they in return gave just some of the most incredible performances. Pogoing, gobbing, dancing, screaming… yet they have the smiles on their faces once you said cut and they were ready to go again and do it again. They just brought so much energy.

Original series Pistol will be available on Disney+ from 31st May.

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Maisie Williams used her time in the makeup chair to physically and mentally transform herself in the new FX show Pistol.

The Game of Thrones actress has a starring role in the new biographical drama about the Sex Pistols. Created by Craig Pearce and directed by Danny Boyle, all six episodes are available to watch on Hulu now.

Williams portrays the English model Pamela Rooke, aka Jordan, who is known for her work with Vivienne Westwood (played by Talulah Riley). Pistol documents how Jordan, Westwood and members of the Sex Pistols were instrumental in the rise of the punk movement in 1970s Britain.

Newsweek spoke to Williams and Riley who shared what it was like getting into, and out of, character each day.

Jordan’s appearance in Pistol is true to her look in real life. She sports provocative clothing, artistic makeup on her face, and often towering hairstyles. As a result, Williams spent many, many hours in the makeup chair each morning before shooting.

“I can use that time as like a meditative period to mentally transform as well as go through the physical transformation,” Williams told Newsweek. “But also, I think we got on so well with all of the team and the research that everyone had done was just so extensive. So it was ultimately just nice to chat about all the things that we’ve learned about like the people that we’re creating in the mornings or the scenes that we’re doing.”

The Sex Pistols were formed in London in 1975, they made it big in 1977 with their single “God Save the Queen,” and then broke up after a disastrous American tour in 1978.

“I feel like there was a lot of, like 50-year anniversaries of like specific dates, of like gigs or whatever. So it was like kind of nice sometimes like different days had like different energy like that,” Williams said.

Riley, who plays legendary designer Vivienne Westwood, added that the makeup chair was the place to be for the cast at the end of the day too.

“Our makeup artist was fantastic, wasn’t she?” Riley told Newsweek and Williams. “Her trucks, like the best truck to hang out and she had beers with the boys at the end of the day. Yeah, it was quite fun getting your makeup taken off as well as getting it.”

Both Williams and Riley both got to meet their onscreen counterparts in person before appearing in Pistol.

Jordan died of cancer in April 2022 at the age of 66, but before that she managed to visit Williams on set during rehearsals. “It’s really great to be able to sort of drink in the aura of someone and the way that everyone in the room reacts to them and what it is that they do versus the way that other people project onto them,” Williams reflected on her experience with the innovator.


Maisie Williams as Jordan in the Sex Pistols biopic “Pistol” on Hulu now. MIYA MIZUNO/FX

“A lot of her outfits were kind of inspired by the dance attire that she’d worn when she was younger, so I was just really intrigued to know about her childhood, her relationships.

“I was just sort of like, ‘where did you come from? Where did all of these influences come from?’ It was really just interesting to chat with her about that,” Williams added. “Then also just to see the way that she could command a room very effortlessly, and I had to try and do the same.”

Riley had a similar experience prior to shooting, as she traveled to Vivienne Westwood’s business headquarters to meet with the builder of the fashion empire.

“She was lovely,” Riley confirmed. “It was great just to get a feel for her and how she sounds and the physicality. Obviously, what we’re doing is fiction. It’s not really, really our characters but it was it’s nice to just get a tone in there.”

The SEX Boutique plays a large part in Pistol, as it’s where we meet the character of Westwood and her partner Malcolm McLaren (Thomas Brodie-Sangster) for the first time. In real life, the shop found at 430 King’s Road, London played an integral part in providing the clothing for the Sex Pistols and the garbs that defined the look of the punk movement.

Riley compared the surroundings of the SEX Boutique on set to the sites she saw at Vivienne Westwood’s HQ. “It was fantastic to see all her designs out on the walls and the materials. And it was quite evocative of what we were doing on set, because obviously now, one might say, she has more name recognition than the Sex Pistols,” she said.

All six episodes of the limited series Pistol are available to watch on Hulu now.

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‘Pistol’ stars Maisie Williams and Talulah Riley spoke EXCLUSIVELY with HL about the crucial women of the punk movement, how fashion has impacted them, and more.

Pistol revolves around the rise of the Sex Pistols and the punk movement in the 1970s, and there were two women who played very important roles in solidifying this game-changing era. Talulah Riley and Maisie Williams star as Vivienne Westwood and Jordan (a.k.a. Pamela Rooke) in the new FX series. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with the actresses about the collaboration between the fashion designer and her muse.

“I think Jordan was very expressive. She was dressing in ways that were kind of very new and exciting and interesting at the time, which is how these two forces were kind of drawn together,” Maisie told HollywoodLife during a recent press junket. “I think, in a way, Jordan became almost like a spokesperson for Vivienne’s movement before the Pistols. The Pistols then kind of really solidified the music behind it and the messaging. But for a long time, Jordan I think just physically embodied everything that Vivienne wanted to create, and was a moving canvas. The two of them collaborated together and had a relationship up [her death].”

In the 1970s, Vivienne ran a boutique on King’s Road called SEX. “I was unaware of Vivienne Westwood’s involvement in the punk movement before I did the show. I didn’t know that she created the aesthetic of punk, so the safety pins and the anarchy symbol. She actually designed the anarchy symbol. That was her doing,” Talulah said.

Talulah noted that Jordan was a “huge draw” to Vivienne’s shop. “Everyone wanted to go to SEX to just ogle Jordan basically. She was sort of the supermodel of the day, right, and that very kind of niche movement,” Talulah added.

For 8 seasons, Maisie played Arya Stark in the HBO series Game of Thrones. After growing up on the show, Maisie relished the role of Jordan and embracing uncharted territory in her career.

“I felt like I could be someone completely brand-new, and everything that I had learned about myself or my body or my insecurities, I just felt it all kind of melt away,” Maisie told HollywoodLife. “I could build someone completely brand-new. That was really exciting, and I think it’s something that I want to try and take with me for other characters that I play.”

Maisie found Jordan’s style had impacted her own. “The power that her dress has was something that I’d never really played with before or been the person to experience that,” she noted. Through playing Jordan, Maisie “really learned the power of fashion and how we represent ourselves and how that influences the journey that we’re on.”

The 6-episode limited series also explores the intersection of fashion and music. Amidst the punk movement, fashion was evolving along with music. Talulah pointed out that both fashion and music at the time “were making all the noise they possibly could and just screaming their feelings.” Pistol premieres May 31 on Hulu.

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PISTOL is a six-episode limited series about a rock and roll revolution. Based on Sex Pistols’ founding member and guitarist, Steve Jones’ memoir Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol, this is the story of a band of spotty, noisy, working-class kids with “no future,” who shook the boring, corrupt Establishment to its core, threatened to bring down the government and changed music and culture forever.

Maisie Williams and Thomas Brodie-Sangster play Jordan and Malcolm McLaren in the series.

Maisie and Thomas share what it was like being pushed out of their comfort zone; the high intensity of this shoot; what they would do to unwind; and what it has been like being seen by the public from such a young age.

“Pistol” premieres on Disney+ on May 31

PISTOL releases in Ireland on May 31st, 2022.


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Meet the women of FX’s Pistol, a 6-part miniseries about the rise of the punk rock band Sex Pistols:

Chrissie Hynde (Sydney Chandler), a founding member of The Pretenders; Vivienne Westwood (Talulah Riley), who created the Kings Road boutique SEX; and Pamela Rooke – AKA Jordan (Maisie Williams) – an icon in the world of punk.


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Our entertainment reporter Olivia Marks caught up with Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Maisie Williams to talk all things Pistol.

Find out what the craziest thing they learnt about the Sex Pistols was, which actors they’ve always looked up to and what their coolest party tricks are!